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DJ Wave Daddy: Kava Circle

Kava bowl

Those who have taken a trip to the South Seas have likely downed some brown water, but for those who haven't had the pleasure of a few high tide cups, let us explain the inspiration behind this mixtape. 

Kava, also valled ava in Samoa, awa in Hawaiian, and a slew of other names in different Pacific Ocean cultures, is considered the glue of Polynesia. The dried root is mixed with water to become a social drink that is served at gatherings across the islands. Before formal occasions or meetings, a kava ceremony is traditionally held where a chief blesses the bowl before sharing with others and a clapping ritual unites those in attendance. If you can survive a few cups of the bitter-tasting brew, the result is a relaxed feeling that ultimately leads to the best nights sleep so you are recharged for your morning surf sesh.

DJ Wave Daddy curated these songs to give you that same chilled out sensation, regardless of whether you are drinking grog or swerving through the city streets. Hit us up if you are on the rock, we would love to have a bowl or two with you! 

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