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About Boobie Shack

Boobies are blue-footed sea birds which can be found on the Hawaiian Islands. They wobble and sway from side to side when walking, and to impress their mates, they dance, kicking their feet up and waving their wings around.

Shack is a term used to describe surfing through the barrel of a wave. When you are completely enveloped by a wave, you are getting shacked.

Company founder, Ina Tagaloa, was surfing in his hometown Maui with his friend, Steve, and was getting “shacked” by a wave. He saw boobies through the barrel of the wave and had an epiphany. He shouted “Boobie Shack!” – and the rest is history.

Ina is a world-class surf instructor at Maui Wave Riders surf school on the island of Maui. Ina had the privilege of being one of the surf instructors to train Gerard Butler for his role in the movie Chasing Mavericks.

Boobie Shack is a proud monthly supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and other ways of giving service to those in need.